Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wisconsin Student Holds Classroom Hostage


Derek Miracle said...

This seems to be another case in which we will never fully understand why it happened or what caused the student to snap. Obviously we cannot relate it to bullying yet, like most of the other cases are. It told us that the student did not wish to harm anyone during this and was actually talking and laughing with the other students. How can we fully make our schools safe from incidents such as these? Are metal detectors and security guards going to be required at the entrance of every school? Or can this really be prevented from happening?

Brittany Frey said...

That is a truly terrifying story. I am from South-Central Wisconsin, and you never hear anything like that happening there. I think that it is great the have a crisis plan, and they did a mock school shooting to prepare themselves for the worst. In my old school district, we had “Lock and Secure” as our Crisis Management Plan. Though it is terrifying, I feel having a plan for these situations is vital. I am happy to hear that there were no fatal injuries and that the students were able to keep the gunman calm. Keeping him calm, was probably one of the best things those students could have done. I am not sure how I feel about having metal detectors and security guards in every school, but it may be a necessary thing someday.

~Brittany Frey

Ashton Music said...

This is a very horrifying story and hits home at one of the few things that really scares me about becoming a teacher.
As teachers, principals, etc. we really have to do all that we can to make sure our schools and classrooms are safe. In instances like these, however, we learn that sometimes, all we can do, is simply not enough.
Because of cases such as this, I strongly agree with implementing rules with in schools such as clear book bags. Also, I think measures such as metal detectors and student name tags are necessary in schools. While I know that these mentioned strategies will not eliminate the issue, they are a good start as are others like them.

Rachel Trent-Hisel said...

I do beleive this incident and others like it are completely horrible. It is one of those things that everyone wants to prevent, but doesn't really know how. As the report said it wasn't about hurting the students, but it is still a devasting and scary act. How does a student become so gone to think this will fix anything? I do not beleive we can truly ever know or understand the motivations behind such actions. As for metal detectors and guards I would hate the think it has come to this, but the safety of the child is of the foremost importance. Anything that could help pervent these situations should be taken greatly into consideration.

Tyler Nutter said...

Tyler Nutter

I am guessing that the student was harassed numerous times over time and it builds up quickly. The student must have finally got so fed up and brought a gun into the school, holding anyone (both responsible and not responsible) hostage so that they could "feel the pain" that they felt on numerous different occasions.