Friday, November 12, 2010

From the Nation's Cartoonists

This from Tom Toles at Slate:
This from Jeff Danziger:
This from Chuck Asay:


Anonymous said...

You might be interested in finding out how many KDE empyloees are bailing out of the department (in droves). More to leave this week. The new commish's leadership style seems to be the issue. The word is that KDE staffers, school district finance officers, and superintendents are about to revolt due to a major lack of support. Where is the state BOE?

Anonymous said...

I expect an impassioned defense of Terry Holiday to follow from Richard Day. Once these people get to the top, it is almost obligatory to defend them and their methods. Anybody ever read Holliday's dissertation?

Richard Day said...

Sorry to disappoint. No defense here.

My KDE sources are either satisfied, dealing with whatever changes are taking place, or keeping it to themselves because the comment above is the first of its kind that I can recall. I don't (can't, really) monitor personnel movements at KDE and rely on others to alert us to such things - as y'all have.