Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Duncan Asks for Recanvass on School Board Vote

Unsuccessful school board candidate Thomas Duncan has called for a recanvass in the District 2 election for the Fayette County School Board. Douglas Barnett was the successful candidate.

The Fayette County Board of Elections confirmed to KSN&C this morning that the recanvass will occur during a public meeting of the Elections Board to be held in the County Clerk's Conference Room Friday morning at 9.

A recanvass consists of elections officials comparing totals from the original tapes produced by individual voting machines with the totals the clerks receive through their tallying system.

KSN&C asked, "What happens if the totals differ?"

According to elections officials, due to improvements to the voting system in recent years, "theoretically, there can't be a difference" because the new tallying system draws its totals directly from the individual machines.

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