Saturday, November 06, 2010

Leestown Middle School Custodian's Murder Trial Underway

According to court records in 2009 a witness said Brian Allen McGuire approached a fellow custodian in Leestown Middle School, shot him multiple times, and ran out of the school's cafeteria.

The shooting trial began this week with jury selection and initial testimony from school officials.

On day of his killing,
Leestown Middle School custodian was to be suspended

Defendant had asked for action by school

This from the Herald-Leader:
photo right, Brian McGuire; photo left Jose Donato:

Fayette County Public Schools officials had planned to suspend Jose Daniel "Danny" Donato from his job at Lexington's Leestown Middle School the same morning that he was shot to death at work, according to court testimony Thursday.

The plan, put into motion the night before the June 9, 2009, shooting, was for school system attorney Brenda Allen to write a suspension letter and take it to Fayette schools Superintendent Stu Silberman to sign; then school police were to serve Donato with the letter, Kiyon Massey, associate director for classified personnel in the school system's human resources department, said in Fayette Circuit Court.

School officials did not tell Brian McGuire what was to take place. McGuire's complaints about Donato were the motivation behind the suspension plan...


Anonymous said...

School officials, in particular Stu Silberman, waited too long to act on this one. Since it was a personnel issue, and it had nothing to do with "kids," they waited far too long with the suspension. The result is well known. The tragic consequences are sure to result in another lawsuit.

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