Monday, November 08, 2010

Filling the Empty Seat

This from Stu Johnson at WEKU FM:

The election is over and voters have chosen two new members of Lexington's school board. The next member will be selected by State Education Commissioner Terry Holliday. Holliday must choose a replacement for board chair Becky Sagan.

Sagan recently stepped down after moving out of her district.

Holliday says applicants will be quizzed by a selection committee. "Why do they want to serve on the board. Are they there for the kids and learning or do they have a special agenda to get rid of a superintendent or something like that," said Holliday.

With no African Americans on the Fayette board, Holliday may be urged to appoint a representative from Lexington's minority communities. The state education commissioner promises diversity will be considered when he makes his appointment.

"So while we don't use that as a decisive factor, we certainly are looking when all things being equal if we have outstanding candidate who represent their community and the school board is missing that component I think that is an important consideration," said Holliday.

Last week, voters chose Amanda Ferguson and Douglas Barnett to serve on the Fayette school board.

Holliday says diversity is important at every level."We think all school board should have diversity, we very much promote diversity...I'm very concerned quite often when school boards don't have diversity. I want to make sure the school board represent the community that they serve," said Holliday.

Holliday promises to make an appointment within a month.

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Richard Day said...

Four applications received by KDE. Staff are checking eligibility before interviews begin.