Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Campus Tour

This from Dan Wasserman at Slate:


Renee Lewis said...

Ha! Sometimes, isn't that the truth? Some schools really only seem to be in for things because of the money. They provide the basics of what students need and who knows where else the money goes. Here at Eastern, I like that things are done for the students. It's obvious where are money goes. Like the Noel Center, we can see where are money goes and we can see it benefiting us. I don't mind spending my money at a place like this (:
Renee Lewis

James Reed said...

While this might be the case at some educational institutions, it does not seem to be the case at our school. Schools have to offer incentives and perks to their staff to retain them and these things cost money. The university does a great job of providing us with a high quality education at a very reasonable price. For example, the parking pass at our school is very reasonably priced. However, at other universities in our area, the parking pass is exponentially more costly.