Wednesday, November 10, 2010

About that Empty Seat

Now that Kentucky Department of Education staff are examining the eligibility of the four applicants for the vacant Board seat in Fayette County - what are they looking for?

KSN&C asked KDE spokeswoman Lisa Gross, "What are the requirements these days? High school diploma, live in the district....never fought a duel?"

Well, according to KRS 160.180, no person shall be eligible to membership on a board of education unless "he":

  • has attained the age of twenty-four
  • has been a citizen of Kentucky for at least three years preceding his election
  • is a voter of the district
  • completed at least the twelfth grade or has been issued a GED
  • or holds a state office requiring the constitutional oath
  • or is a member of the General Assembly
  • or holds any civil or political office
  • or at the time of his election, is directly or indirectly interested in the sale to the board of any property, materials, or services
  • or has been removed from membership on a board of education for cause
  • or has a relative employed by the school district

I'm pretty sure that means a local school board member has to be "relatively educated" unless "he" is already a member of the legislature or holds a government office, where no such requirement exists.

Surely, even in Kentucky, there is language somewhere declaring that "he" actually means "he or she." Still, that language is on the books.

As for dueling, it is not a disqualifying factor at the local school board level - only at the state level, where the real fighting takes place. So, if an applicant for the Fayette County seat has fought a duel or served as a second - no problem.


Rachal Faulkner said...

This is a little ridiculous to me. You only have to have a high school diploma and be a relative of someone who works in the district to be on the board of education. Should you not have to have some educational background in EDUCATION to be on the school board, considering you are making decisions that effect our children's education? I feel that the standards need to be changed because the times have changed. There is so much more research done about education and development. I believe that someone who is going to be on the board of education should at least have to have some higher education regarding children.

Richard Day said...

Almost. High school education and no relative working for the district, but you have the idea. Low standards for board members, high standards for everything else.

Latosha Adams said...

I agree. If we want to have good schools, have children succeed in life, and encourage them to pursue higher education then shouldn't we have someone making decisions for them that has a background of higher education?

fixyourthinking said...

Quick question ...

Why does this blog show up when I do an image search on google for the word "bidzirk"?