Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sounds Easy. Wanna be Interim Commish for a Month?

Interim Education Commissioner Elaine Farris has accepted a job as superintendent of Clark County Public Schools. Farris’ new contract begins July 1, but a new commissioner isn’t expected until Aug. 1. So now the Kentucky Board of Education must find a new Interim Commissioner to fill the spot for the month of July.

Lisa Gross, director of communications for the Kentucky Department of Education told the State Journal,
“The board will talk about how they want to proceed (in naming an interim commissioner),” she said. “They have not made a decision. They have some time, but I suspect that they’ll talk about it as quickly as possible.”

The board meets in Frankfort May 12 and 13 for its annual retreat. Gross said the board doesn’t usually take action at its retreat, but could discuss the interim commissioner position.

“Because we’re a state agency, we need someone who has the authority to sign off on things – personnel actions, things that are purchased by the agency,” she said...

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