Sunday, April 05, 2009

KIPP Teachers in Bid to Expel Union

This from the New York Post:

Charter-school teachers to their union: Butt out.

The educators, at two city charter schools, have filed for permission from the state to cut their ties with the United Federation of Teachers.

The action, at KIPP Academy in The Bronx and KIPP Infinity in Manhattan, came after the UFT recently tried to meddle in the schools' business without consulting the staff first, teachers at both schools told The Post.

"The union was interested in a more active part of the way our school operates, and at KIPP Infinity we unanimously believe that what works for us best is 100 percent open communication lines between staff, administration, parents and students," said Rachel Heuisler, 30, who has taught at the school for three years.

KIPP, the Knowledge is Power Program network, operates 66 charter schools nationally, including four in New York City...

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