Monday, April 13, 2009

Sex advice website for primary kids angers Aussie parents

This from Venkey On Your Side:

Outraged parents are demanding the withdrawal of a sex education website
endorsing abortion and giving pre-teens information about sexual pleasure.

The controversial site,, has been approved as a student resource for Queensland Year 7 classes.

Educators say that it is a valuable, fun tool that helps children entering their teens learn about their bodies, but parents are angry over the site's description of abortion as 'a relief' and claims certain hormones make teens "feel sexy"...

Australian Family Association Queensland president Ken Francis warned that the website was potentially dangerous to the "physical and mental health of our children" and was unsuitable for Year 7 students...

However, Family Planning Queensland educational services director Cecelia Gore backed the website, insisting Year 7 was the "crucial time" for sex education because research showed students dealt better with sexual encounters if they had been educated beforehand...

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