Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flash Rave

Ya gotta love campus life. All that study, fun and fear. Young hormones needing someplace to go. Students are pressed so hard during the term that a "dead week" is now needed to allow them to prepare for finals. And how do students "prepare?"

In olden days there were panty raids, swallowing goldfish, and seeing how many frat boys fit into a phone booth - or a VW beetle.

Today's techno kids flash rave.

Just text message everybody on your contact list....where and when. Then see what happens.
There's going to be a flash rave at W.T. tonight 8:55 pm.

Flash Rave: One part mob. One part pep rally. Body surfing and cheers in a place unaccustomed to both. Get in and get out quickly.

This from H-L:
Hundreds of students pack UK library in flashmob

Hundreds of University of Kentucky students gathered at the university's William T. Young Library on Wednesday evening to frolic in an apparent dead-week prank...
...“It was probably the most fun thing I’ve ever done on campus. It was unbelievable,” said Will Stafford, a 20-year-old UK sophomore. “We were really just dancing like crazy for 15 minutes and then the cops came in."

It’s unclear just when authorities were called to the scene, but certainly they arrived in force at the library after someone pulled a fire alarm inside the library. The building was evacuated.

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