Friday, April 10, 2009

Hearing For Expelled UofL Nursing Student Called Off

Friday, a federal judge was scheduled to hold a hearing in the case of Nina Yoder, a University of Louisville nursing student who was expelled over posts on her MySpace page. Yoder is suing the university, claiming the action violated her First Amendment rights.

The hearing has been canceled at U of L’s request. The school’s argument is that Yoder has missed too many classes to complete her education on time. It would seem her expulsion had something to do with her absences. The lawsuit for Yoder’s reinstatement continues.

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Anonymous said...

The University of Louisville's egregious acts and illegal acts extend throughout the University. Students live in fear of retaliation daily as does faculty. It is shameful that federal authorities have not launched any kind of internal investigation into their practices which range from sexual harrassment, racial discrimination, first admendment rights, and lets see what they do next. It must be great to be above the law.