Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mark Hebert Leaves WHAS for UofL

In a significant coup, long-time WHAS political reporter Mark Hebert announced tonight that he will start PR work for President James Ramsey at UofL in May. This is potentially wonderful for The Ville which could use some experienced, professional help rethinking their public relations approach.

For those of you who haven't heard, I'm leaving WHAS-TV for a job at the University of Louisville. My first day at U of L is Monday, May 4th. I hate to leave WHAS-TV and covering politics but I'm extremely excited about the opportunity to work for Jim Ramsey, a guy who's been a terrific President at U of L. I'll write more of my thoughts and thank you's later.



President Ramsey scores major points for luring to UofL the same guy who elicited the "anonymous crap" comment during the rollout of the Robert Felner scandal; still in progress. In that same interview, Ramsey told Hebert that even good people get “a little weak...violating the law now and then.”

Hiring Hebert would seem to represent a sincere desire for improved communications. If so, well done.

On a personal note, Mark's been a great guy for as long as I've know him - which goes back to the early 80's during our Jaycee days. He's always been trustworthy and professional. So congratulations, Mark! And thanks, in advance.

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