Monday, October 13, 2008

Fallen PRP player's mother still wonders 'why?'

This from the Courier-Journal:

She questions district steps in son's death

Nearly two months after her son collapsed and later died from heat stroke suffered during football practice at Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Glenna Michele Crockett says she can't drive by the school without getting "a very sick feeling."

She says she's only been able to return to work for two days as a counselor at nearby Greenwood Elementary School, where one of her co-workers is married to an assistant coach who helped lead the Aug. 20 practice.

"I keep thinking I will go in, but I just can't," a composed, but frustrated Crockett said in an hour-long interview last week, where she talked about the death of her 15-year-old son, Max Gilpin, and her questions about why it happened.

She said she wonders why it has taken the Jefferson County Public School District so long to issue its findings on the case, when less than 48 hours after Max died, Superintendent Sheldon Berman said an initial review found "no violations whatsoever" and that "all guidelines were followed."
She said she wonders why she has not been interviewed by district investigators, given that she arrived at the field just moments after Max collapsed.

"I was there, and I would think they would want to talk to me," she said.

And most of all, she said, she questions why PRP head coach Jason Stinson and his assistants are still on the job, given that teachers suspected of improper conduct with students, such as inappropriate touching, are immediately suspended and reassigned.
"My son died, and these coaches are still coaching," she said...

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