Friday, October 31, 2008

Sexy Teacher strips for students

This from British tabloid, the Sun, (video):

FURIOUS parents have called for a saucy teacher to be sacked after she put on a saucy strip show for her 15-year-old pupils.
The German minx was supposed to be supervising a start of term party. But things got out of hand as the pretty teacher put on her own s-extracurricular activities for the teen pupils. She seductively stripped down to her underwear – to the joy of her howling students.

And she only stopped her X-rated High School musical when another teacher forced her to cover up. But one goggle-eyed pupil filmed the show on his mobile phone.

The teacher is seen peeling off her top to reveal her bra and then starts to undo the zip of her trousers before another lecturer covers her in a tablecloth.

"It is disgusting. What kind of teacher acts that way in front of her pupils. She should be in a lap dancing bar, not a school," said one angry parent.

"The children were playing truth or dare and making bigger and bigger dares for each other and she decided to join in.

"When they dared her to do some pole dancing she just started taking off her clothes. She's a pretty woman in her 20s and the children couldn't believe their luck.

The worst thing is that teachers weren't even supposed to be taking part in the party - they were supposed to be supervising it," they added.

But the school's headmaster in Zalaegerszeg, western Hungary, has refused to sack the unnamed mistress despite pressure from parents and other teachers.

"I was forced to give the German teacher a warning, but I will not dismiss her because she is a valuable teacher for our institution," said head Sandor Rozman.

He claimed she had shown no more flesh "than you would see on a beach."


David Adams said...

I'd be interested to see what happens to her students' test scores.

The Principal said...

...not the only thing to go up?

: )

Kindra Fulks said...

I can not believe that this particular teacher did not get fired. For this to happen at any school is terrible, especially at a school of minors. These children aren’t even legally old enough to go to a strip bar and we shouldn’t be bringing that world into the educational systems. As an instructor you are supposed to set the example for the children you are responsible for, not join in on their juvenile acts and pranks. And for the principal of the school, to not fire her but say she showed as much skin as someone in the beach is ludicrous. That’s like giving your students permission to not only walk around campus grounds in their swim suites and underwear, but you might as well invite Victoria Secret models in to the school to give a show.

Whitney Howard said...

I really cannot believe that this happened. And I cannot believe that the teacher didn't get fired as well. I think the students shouldn't have been playing truth or dare in the first place because that is not an appropriate game for students to play in school. I am just baffled by this whole thing. Whether or not the teacher was "a valuable teacher for our institution", that kind of behavior should not have been tolerated and I think that teacher should have immediately been fired.