Friday, October 17, 2008

Economy, costs force students to rethink college choices

This from USA Today:

ELON, N.C. (AP) — Erin O'Connell took the tour this week at Elon University, a handsome, up-and-coming college with a $31,000-a-year price tag. That's hefty — but $20,000 less than some "uppity" schools she may have to cross off her list.
"I'm going to be pulling out my hair to make ends meet," said the high school senior from suburban Boston. "I'll apply for anything and everything I possibly can." As for more expensive schools, she said: "While the title would be nice, I might not get out with both arms and both legs."

It's prime college-visiting season for the high school class of 2009, which next fall will send the greatest number of graduates on to college in American history. But the souring economy and the crisis on Wall Street are shrinking families' college savings, and some parents wonder whether they will be able to afford tuition at the schools their youngsters are looking at...

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