Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kentucky School Districts Cut Teachers

Hey Toni. We're glad you're still out there. The education story count in Lexington has dropped like a rock.
This from Toni at C-J:

135 lost positions after budget cuts

More than 1,100 jobs were cut in public schools this year because of the state's budget crunch, according to a final survey released yesterday by the Kentucky School Boards Association.

As part of its survey, the school boards association spoke with superintendents at each of the state's 174 school districts and asked them how cutting their budgets affected their operations.

Brad Hughes, spokesman for the association, said 39 districts reported that they didn't have to eliminate any jobs, but 135 lost at least one certified or classified post before the new school year started.

The survey found 594 certified posts were eliminated, while 575 classified jobs were cut.Certified positions include teachers, counselors and administrators. Classified staff includes bus drivers, cafeteria workers, office clerks, custodians and teachers' aides.

Because of a state budget shortfall, the Kentucky Department of Education cut $43 million for professional development programs and after-school services, as well as money for textbooks. That forced some school districts to make up the difference elsewhere...

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