Friday, October 17, 2008

The easy way to an A

Congratulations to Terrance Green on the publication of his book which guides high school students toward the formation of successful academic habits. Terrance is a former student of mine from UK where is is a member of a cohort formed to advance promising African American students toward positions in school leadership.

This from the State Journal:

A local teacher provides students a path to academic success in his new book, aptly titled, Becoming An All A Student: The Quick and Easy Guide to Getting a 4.0.

Terrance Green, a Franklin County High School third year science teacher, said he wrote it to help others avoid mistakes he made as a student.

"I've always wanted to help other people overcome and not make the same mistakes I made," Green said. Green said he's been thinking of writing the book for a long time.

The book lays out steps students can take to change their academic habits and excel in classes. Green discusses the importance of mental attitude and the need to get out of the, "just do enough to get by mentality."

Being organized, associating with like-minded students and keeping a positive mindset are some of the traits Green outlines for a student's path to higher scores.

The 50-page book reads like an informational pamphlet or an instruction manual, with steps to improve grades.

Becoming an All A Student is Green's first published work. He is an avid reader who enjoys bike riding and karate outside the classroom. Green attended Kentucky State University and is finishing his master's in school leadership at the University of Kentucky.

The book stresses making physical and mental adjustments such as changing study habits and self-perception in order to achieve better grades. Green uses psychology and some Christian messages to get his point across " anyone can get good grades with the right mindset.

"Your primary focus is not on getting an A, but to learn and understand the material," Green writes. Using the subconscious mind is a strong theme in the book. Green discusses various memorization techniques such as memory by association to increase information retention.

Green uses an acronym " S.O.C.A.B., standing for five different strategies for improving grades " as a blueprint for student success.

His second professional work is a self-help book with a Christian message titled, The Power to Change Now: Becoming the Person You Always Wanted to Be, will be available in November.Becoming an All A Student is available for $12.99 at

Letters for success Green uses the S.O.C.A.B. acronym for success made up of the most frequent tips given by A students in his book.

Start your race at the finish line.
Organization, organization, organization
Constructive reinforcement
Associate with higher achieving students

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