Wednesday, November 14, 2007

C-J reports Board of Education has top candidate

Despite a plea from Gov.-elect Steve Beshear to start a new search process, the state Board of Education has a top candidate and expects to name a new commissioner Nov. 25.

The board a few weeks ago narrowed the search to four semi-finalists: Richard Hughes, retired Hardin County Schools superintendent; Larry Vick, Owensboro Independent Schools superintendent; state Rep. Jon Draud, R-Edgewood, retired Ludlow Independent Schools superintendent; and Jim Warford, former superintendent of a Florida school district and a former chancellor of the Florida Department of Education.

Board chairman Joe Brothers said the board has not told the candidates which one is at the top of the running right now.

Brothers did, however, inform Beshear of the board's desire to name a commissioner in two weeks. Brothers said he left a voice message for Beshear immediately after a more than three-hour executive session.The board has interviewed all four candidates in person over the past two days.

Source: C-J blog

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