Thursday, November 01, 2007

High Noon at the ol' Haunted Mansion

Halloween is a great childhood memory.

That's the time when, as kids, we would dress up and act all spooky; trying to become afraid of goblins we knew weren't there. Lurking in the shadows just down the street, past the imaginary graveyard, were witches and ghosts galore.
Approaching the dimly lit home where "the crazy lady" lived we'd ask, "Didn't she hack up her husband with an axe?" Down the narrow sidewalks, through the rusty gate, up the porch steps past cobwebs and spiders, and into the shadows...
There were shadows yesterday, too.

Unfortunately, the shadows weren't cast by candlelight, but by the bright setting sun. No mystery. No spooks. Just kids in costume running through the front yards of Chevy Chase.
I really liked the new daylight savings time, until last night. It sure ruined the first half of Halloween.

Meanwhile, at that spooky ol' Governor's Mansion in Frankfort, Abby, the head-witch-in-charge greeted Kentucky school children, some 1,600 of whom had selected her costume for the year.

Always on the lookout for anything spooky, the PolWatchers blog took notice.
"Throughout the investigation of state hiring in his administration, Gov. Ernie Fletcher said Attorney General Greg Stumbo was conducting “a political witch hunt.”
Last night “a witch” could be found by anyone checking out the Governor’s Mansion.
During October, children across the Commonwealth were invited to participate in an online contest to choose Abby’s Halloween costume. The contest included pictures of Abby dressed up as a pumpkin, a witch, and an angel. With more than 1,600 total votes, the witch costume won.
No contest.
Reminiscent of Hester Prynne, Abby's Puritan-styled witches hat may have baffled the folks at PolWatchers, but it was "vintage" conservative craft.
Now, it just so happens that KSN&C has special insight into Abby's brain. You may think we're lying- but it's true. And you can be assured, that sunshine or shadows, Abby was very happy with the whole affair.

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