Friday, November 09, 2007

Beshear comments on today's meeting with the Ky BOE

During a press conference yesterday, [Governor-elect Steve] Beshear said his concerns centered on the overall search process.

When asked if he was concerned over the four finalists, Beshear responded: "I recognize that the state board of education has the statutory responsibility of picking and hiring a commissioner. However (this) is one of the most important positions in the commonwealth because that person is going to lead the effort to improve the educational quality for all of our children in this state. I think it's incumbent upon me as governor-elect to express any concerns I have to them while they are in this process."

Brothers said portions of today's meeting will be closed to the public. He also said that not all 11 members of the board will be able to make the meeting.

"I know we will have a quorum, but there are at least three or four who are out of town or have work (obligations)," he said.

This from the Courier-Journal.

This from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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