Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Louisville public schools approves bias protection for gay, lesbian workers

This from Toni Konz at the Courier-Journal

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The Jefferson County Board of Education voted late last night to extend employment, discrimination and harassment protection to gay, lesbian and bisexual workers.

The 4-3 vote came after more than two hours of heated comments from about 50 people who supported or opposed the policy change.While they spoke, supporters in the crowd held up signs reading, “Fairness for All” and “Protect all Workers,” while opponents raised signs that said, “Protect the Children.”

About 400 people attended, and some had to sit in an overflow room because the board room at the Van Hoose Education Center, 3332 Newburg Road, reached its capacity almost an hour before the start. Some arrived in church vans.

The Fairness Campaign of Louisville — as well as several gay, lesbian and transgender employees, students and parents — had asked the board to include both sexual orientation and transgender status in the district’s employment and harassment policies...

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