Friday, November 09, 2007

H-L calls for wholesale resignations of Kentucky Board of Education members

Fresh start needed
State education board should resign

When the state board of education meets this morning with Gov.-elect Steve Beshear, each member should hand him a letter of resignation effective Dec. 11, inauguration day.

We do not make this recommendation lightly. Such resignation offers would be an extraordinary departure and should not serve as a precedent for the future.

But the prolonged and disappointing search for an education commissioner has created an extraordinary set of circumstances.

Starting fresh with a new board is the best and cleanest way to get back on track.

At the very least, the board should drop any plans to name a commissioner next week and agree to launch a new national search....

The problem is that, fairly or not, this board's image is an impediment to attracting strong candidates. Top educators don't want to risk answering to this board. In addition to the first botched search and the second rushed, overly narrow search, there's a perception that former commissioner Gene Wilhoit left because of Gov. Ernie Fletcher's board appointees.

Board members have espoused teaching intelligent design as an alternative to evolution and chastised staff for presenting information that conflicts with their opinions...

This from the Herald-Leader.

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