Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Educators agree with board’s pick

This from the Glasgow Daily Times:

GLASGOW — Area educators are pleased with the Kentucky Board of Education’s choice for commissioner.

...Dr. Sam Dick, superintendent of Caverna Independent Schools, likes the fact that Draud has experience, not only as a superintendent, but as a state legislator. “Of course I do not know this individual personally, but he certainly seems to be able to bridge two worlds for us,” he said. “He has seen both sides of what it takes and that is one of the things that impresses me. My expectations are high.”

One of the obstacles for many educators across the state is conveying their needs to the General Assembly.

Bill Ritter, interim superintendent for Glasgow Independent Schools, agreed with Dick and said, “I also like the fact that he is a proven Kentucky educator and very familiar with the Kentucky Reform Act of 1990 for educational improvements.”

Dr. Jerry Ralston, superintendent of Barren County Schools, does know Draud and said he was a good choice for the job. “I think he is a very experienced educator,” Ralston said. “I think he will understand how to approach the General Assembly and get the funding we need to address issues, such as assessment, instruction and facilities and he will know how to take the approach to get the funding in our districts to meet our needs.”

Pat Hurt, superintendent of Metcalfe County Schools, also knows Draud personally.She worked with him while employed with the Kentucky Department of Education. Draud served on school audit teams and Hurt became acquainted with him while he was involved with that aspect of education. “I think it speaks volumes of a gentleman who is no longer working in schools,” she said. Hurt believes Draud has always had an interest in what it takes to improve Kentucky’s schools and has continued to keep his “ear to the ground” in regards to that issue. “I think he is in it for the right reasons,” she said...

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