Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hughes: Gracious in defeat

HARDIN COUNTY — Richard Hughes believes the new education commissioner will lead the state in the right direction, even though he wasn’t selected for the position.Hughes, former superintendent of Hardin County Schools, will continue teaching at Morehead State University.

Hughes and two other candidates lost out Sunday to Jon Draud for the state education commissioner position.Hughes said he felt the board was very conscientious in selecting the best candidate for the state.“I think it was a very open and fair process,” he said.Hughes said he “would’ve loved to have had the position,” but it would have been difficult for the board to have found a better person for the job than Draud.

“He is one of the most capable and caring administrators that I know of,” Hughes said.Draud is a state representative for the 63rd District, and formerly was an associate professor at Northern Kentucky University and superintendent of the Ludlow Independent school district, according to a Kentucky Department of Education news release.Hughes said he has no immediate plans beyond teaching graduate-level leadership courses at Morehead State...

This from the News-Enterprise.

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