Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Some Puzzled Over DC Principal Appointment Process

It was billed as a "meet and greet," but the exchange between parents and the applicants vying to be the next principal of Eaton Elementary School was more like a forum for candidates running for office.

In the Northwest Washington school's multipurpose room last week, nearly 100 parents and school staff members sat in folding chairs with paper and pen at the ready to take copious notes. They had sent in questions for the job seekers, such as: "What experiences make you qualified to be a principal?" "What's your leadership style?" and "What would be your first order of business when you are at Eaton?"

Like politicians stumping for votes, four educators stepped to a microphone to share their qualifications and vision for leading the school in Cleveland Park. One principal from Maryland professed to be a "born leader." Another candidate said she loved seeing children learn and noted that her native Washingtonian roots were an asset.

Parents across the District are asserting themselves in the principal selection process...

This from the Washington Post.

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