Thursday, August 30, 2007

E-mail threatens some BTW Academy staff

Last Saturday evening the e-mail inboxes of Booker T Washington Academy staff got hit with an ugly message.

It was written from the Hotmail account of someone calling themselves "abouttimebtwa" under the name "Booker Washington." Some on the faculty found it unsettling.

From: Booker Washington []
Sent: Sat 8/25/2007 9:32 PM
To: BTWA Staff
Subject: Finally

FInally there is some sort of ramifications for the crap that hastaken place at BTWA for 3 years. Now to get rid of [name redacted], [name redacted], the 4th grade team and the rest of the Peggy's flunkies. In time the truth will come out and you will all be going down!

The e-mail casts an unfortunate tenor to whatever legitimate concerns may have been raised by parents and lowers them to thugish intimidation.

Rumored allegations from a parent letter that is said to be circulating alluded to - among other things - financial concerns. Some in the state have wondered if money could possibly be missing. Apparently not. Fayette County Superintendent Stu Silberman set the record straight telling KSN&C,
"I am seriously not aware of any taxpayer money missing. What we will do in this situation is the same as we would do in any situation where concerns are raised - we take them seriously and look into them and take appropriate action to either discard the issues or deal with them."
Silberman is aware of the e-mail has certainly earned the benefit of the doubt when it comes to investigating matters. It is uncertain to what extent district personnel are able to trace the troublesome e-mail. It is unknown if the police are involved.

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