Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Case Closed: Probe for Erwin file unresolved

This from the Kane County Chronicle:

ST. CHARLES - Police have closed their investigation into the missing personnel file of former St. Charles Superintendant Barbara Erwin with no answer as to its whereabouts.

Police spokesman Paul McCurtain confirmed Tuesday that the investigation was closed, pending further leads and that such an outcome was not unheard of.

"There just isn't anything for them [the investigators] to go on," McCurtain said.

Erwin's file was reported missing on July 3 by Superintendent Don Schlomann. Since then, the police and Schlomann have been in communication and district staff were interviewed.

Schlomann said he had received a call from investigators who "suggested that they were at a dead-end."

"And I suggested to them that maybe they should close the investigation. But I'm relying on their judgement," Schlomann said.
And this from the Daily Herald.

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