Thursday, August 02, 2007

Russo sees shift toward multiple measures in Miller's speech on NCLB

Alexander Russo at This Week in Education, opines that George Miller's speech this week could mean a broken heart for Pro-NCLB groups.

Is Miller Breaking Up With Pro-NCLB Groups?

Perhaps the most compelling interpretation I've heard of the Miller speech that Miller was emphasizing that (a) the reauthorization process is still moving along despite recent delays, and (b) multiple measures are going to be part of his bill no matter what.

If multiple measures are definitely in, then this represents the first big break by Miller from the groups that helped craft and defend NCLB 1.0 and the EdSec -- and a big win symbolically at least for NCLB 1.0 critics like the NEA who have been clamoring for years now that annual standardized tests were a bad way to go and, more recently, working hard on freshman lawmakers that previous compromises (like the growth model or the idea of treating schools that just miss AYP one year differently from those that miss it all the time, every year) aren't enough.

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