Sunday, August 26, 2007

Simon Kenton uses MySpace as learning aid

Some see, the Internet's popular social networking site, as nothing more than a place where kids reveal personal information and chat with strangers.

But one Kenton County teacher is trying to turn it into a learning tool to help her students succeed in class.

Shannon Dunhoft, freshman English teacher at Simon Kenton High, said roughly 75 percent of students polled at her school claim to spend two to three hours each night on MySpace.

"I figured 'Why not do some good with it?' " Dunhoft said. "When I was in college, they encouraged us to use technology." And she's heeded that advice to the fullest.

She's created a class MySpace page, blog and Web site for her students and their parents to get instructions and assignments and ask her questions if they need help.

"It's a lot more work for me at home, but I tell my students I'll do whatever I need to make information accessible for them," Dunhoft said.

She received permission this summer from the school's site-based council to set up the MySpace page. Students can use it to post comments and ask questions about what they learned that day.

She started the blog at the end of last school year, which serves the same purpose as the MySpace page. "I think the blog is something the parents will use more than the kids," Dunhoft said.

The Web site has a calendar that shows what students will be taught three weeks out, as well as what they'll need for each class. There are also guidelines for the book reviews they have to do and an approved novel list.

There is also a link to the school's freshman academy page (which she also maintains)...

This from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

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