Thursday, August 02, 2007

The race for the Kentucky Board of Education Chair is on

It's Joe Brothers vs. Keith Travis for State Education Chair

Mark Hebert is reporting that Keith Travis has picked up competition in the fight to keep his chairmanship of the Kentucky Board of Education.

"Board member Joe Brothers of Elizabethtown says he's telling fellow board members that he's interested in chairing the board."

The state board is scheduled to elect its officers at a meeting next Wednesday.

The board has been sharply divided since a sloppy commissioner's selection process chose Barbara Erwin who withdrew under pressure. Travis strongly supported the process and the candidate.

Mark says, "Travis expressed an interest in seeking the commissioner's job" but withdrew and "helped push the selection of Barbara Erwin."

Now board member Joe Brothers is trying to round up the votes to unseat Travis, who is seeking reelection to the chair.

But Brothers may have an uphill fight. Members of the nominating committee were all appointed by Travis.

Doug Hubbard, Travis's most vocal critic thinks the board's nominating committee may only present Travis' name to the full board for consideration.

Brothers is a former member of the Elizabethtown school board, and the former president of the Kentucky School Boards Association.

Sounds like it's time for FLASH POLL #2...

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