Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oldham schools' cell phone rule revised

Students' parents can get them back

The Oldham County school district will no longer keep confiscated student cell phones after a unanimous vote last night by the school board.

Despite the change, board Chairman Joyce Fletcher said, "I still hold firm to the fact that cell phones should not be used in class."
The policy change also adds iPods and MP3 players to items that cannot be used on school property.

Since 1991, Oldham County schools have had a policy dictating that a student caught using a cell phone would have it taken away.

To get the phone back, a parent has to pick it up and sign a form acknowledging that if the student is caught using it at school again, it will be forfeited to the board.

The board donated confiscated cell phones to shelters for battered women, who can use them to dial 911 in emergencies. Last year alone, the district donated 42 cell phones.

But in May, parent Joni Burnett complained to the board after her daughter's cell phone was confiscated when she was caught sending a text message to her cousin during Spanish class after having been warned.

"I'm glad they have rethought it," Burnett said. "I do support rules and I think they need to be followed. But I thought this was a little a harsh."

Now, students will be able to get their phone back if their parents pick it up at the Central Office between the last day of school and June 30. Any phone that's not picked up by a parent will be donated to a local charity...
This from the Courier-Journal.

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