Saturday, August 01, 2009

Faulty Flash Poll Pandering

Our most recent flash poll failed to predict the outcome of the Petrilli v Silberman trial. This is uncharacteristic of KSN&C readers who tend, according to our "research," to be among the most brilliant, insightful, charming and, dare I say, best-looking readers on the planet.

In fact, y'all are so smart that perhaps you weren't wrong at all, but only predicted the eventual outocme of Peggy's appeal. Keep reading KSN&C to find out.

Who will the Jury Find FOR in Petrilli v Silberman?

They will find for Peggy Petrilli
44 (55%)

They will find for Stu Silberman
36 (45%)

Votes cast: 80

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