Friday, August 07, 2009

Commish Visits the Troops

This from Terry Holliday:
It’s great to be in Kentucky! I am truly honored and proud to be your commissioner.

Today, I began making my way around the Tower, over to OET and out to School and Community Nutrition in order to meet all of the Frankfort-based personnel. It has been wonderful interacting with folks so far. In the near future, I will be visiting KSB and KSD.

As I have shared in my visits, the work you do is the most important in this state because it supports the education of Kentucky’s kids. Kids are what we are about in this agency!

I look forward to working with all of you.

SOURCE: KDE Communication


Anonymous said...

Must be nice to be able to change focus so quickly!!! All salesmanship.

Richard Day said...

Perhaps. But understand, Holliday's not a local superintendent any more.

The commissioner's job is 99.44% political and has MUCH to do with salesmanship. If you are saying he's good at will be seen as a plus for Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

Of course, whether it is good for Kentucky or not depends upon the quality/validity of what he is selling. For the sakes of Kentucky's children, you'd better hope that it is not Baldrige.

Richard Day said...

I suspect the board of education will direct his work in a very different manner.

He has specific goals related to testing and other legislated matters that will fill up his time.

It's a different position than local supt.

Anonymous said...

He will report to a board of education there? He supposedly reported to a BOE in ISS as well. Now that he is gone, it is revealed that he bullied the board often and they had little in common. Let's hope your BOE has a stronger backbone. Also regarding Baldrige, he has painted himself in a corner. You will either get "sold" the program or he will look like a very big hippocrite!