Thursday, August 06, 2009

Board Agrees to 4-Year Contract for Holliday @ $225 K

At its regular meeting on Wednesday and Thursday, the Kentucky Board of Education took action and heard presentations on a number of items.

The board agreed to approve the contract of Education Commissioner Terry Holliday, who was selected for the position in July. His salary has been set at $225,000, and the contract is for four years.

The board’s Nominating Committee presented a slate of candidates for the positions of chair and vice chair. The board also agreed to add an additional vice-chair seat. Joe Brothers was re-elected as chair; C.B. Akins was re-elected as vice chair; and Dorie Combs was elected as vice chair. All votes were unanimous.

During a presentation on the work surrounding Senate Bill 1, Education Commissioner Terry Holliday encouraged the board to express its support for Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) staff’s efforts to meet state and federal mandates, specifically, the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act. The board did so and advocated for strong communication between KDE, school districts and education partners to help them strategize and plan.

The board took the following actions:

* approved the appointments of Adam Hicks, a teacher at Bryan Station High in Fayette County, and Judy Whitson, principal of T.C. Cherry Elementary in Bowling Green Independent, as members of the Kentucky Writing Program Advisory Committee

* approved the FY10 unmet education technology need of $132 million for school districts
gave final approval to 704 KAR 4:020, the state regulation governing school health services (The new regulation includes technical changes, addition of a requirement for training of school personnel and addition of a requirement for a dental examination or screening for 5- and 6-year-old children entering school for the first time.)

The board heard presentations on a variety of items:

* facilities and budget issues at the Kentucky School for the Blind and Kentucky School for the Deaf
* the 2010-2012 biennial budget
* model Extended School Services programs
* the in-school GED program
* Kentucky Content Literacy Initiative Grants

The board’s next regular meeting will be October 7 and 8 in Frankfort.

SOURCE#: KDE Press release

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