Monday, June 09, 2008

What parents want in their children's schools

This from the Fayette County Schools:

Our schools have what parents want

For the 17th consecutive year, Fayette County Public Schools has won a “What Parents Want Award” from SchoolMatch, an educational research and database service firm that specializes in rating schools. The district has won every year since the award’s inception.

SchoolMatch is a national consulting and research company that collects and manages information about public and private K-12 school systems and schools. To determine the award winners, SchoolMatch compiled information from more than 97,000 parent questionnaires.

According to SchoolMatch, parents are looking for:
Solid academics, competitive test scores and appropriate levels of rigor;
National recognition for excellence;
Competitive teacher salaries;
Above-average instructional expenditures, based on national percentiles;
Above-average expenditures for library/media services, based on national percentiles;
Small class sizes;
High quality secondary instruction.

Across the country, SchoolMatch found that 2,529 of 15,571 districts met the criteria. In Kentucky, 21 of the state’s 174 school systems made the list.

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