Thursday, June 26, 2008

Felner's No Confidence Vote

A while back, there was a "no confidence vote" taken at the College of Education at the Ville. This was fairly well known in higher ed circles. Felner has been described by some as a "street fighter." Agree with him and all is well. Disagree, and he'll take your knees out from under you.

Yesterday, Felner's attorney, Scott Cox, apparently said on WHAS11’s 5:00 P.M. newscast that everything on the internet was filled with “misinformation,” essentially saying that Page One Kentucky's reporting was not to be trusted.

Well. that must have hacked off Jake a he published the minutes from that meeting.

The faculty cited stuff like this:
Public humiliation of faculty, work place harassment, retaliation for voicing opinions, little or no governance, decisions that hurt College, unacceptable and unfair hiring practice; rude, offensive, unethical behavior by CEHD representatives; denial of support for research to those who differ in opinion; and extreme inequity of pay.

Yes = 27; No = 24; Abstained = 2; Motion passed

More minutes at Page One.

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