Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Did she Jump, or Was she Pushed?

Of course they negotiated. Peggy leaves quietly - or else.

This from H-L:

Principal not forced out, board says
Documents say Fayette schools negotiated

A former Fayette elementary school principal was allowed to negotiate the terms of her resignation last year and exhaust her paid leave after she was confronted with more than 50 allegations of wrongdoing, according to documents filed in a lawsuit.

Despite resigning from her position as principal of Booker T. Washington Academy on Aug. 27, Peggy Petrilli remained on the Fayette County school board's payroll until she formally retired in February 2008, according to documents filed in Fayette Circuit Court by the board...

...Petrilli was allowed to exhaust her leave and agreed not to apply for employment with the Fayette schools "at any time in the future," according to a faxed copy of the agreement filed in Fayette Circuit Court.

In exchange, Silberman agreed to provide a positive letter of reference and a detailed statement of allegations made against Petrilli.

The board also released a public statement from Petrilli regarding her resignation.
A school board spokeswoman declined to say Tuesday why the school board agreed to the deal...

...A motion filed by the board on Monday sought to dismiss the [school board and its attorney form the suit]. It said it was required to investigate the claims against Petrilli. The investigation was conducted in good faith, McNeil wrote.

The motion to dismiss is scheduled to be heard Friday in Fayette Circuit Court.

A major point of contention in the lawsuit is whether Petrilli voluntarily resigned, as the school board maintains. The correspondence between Petrilli's former attorney and Allen indicate she agreed to resign...

..."These school systems are creating this situation, and when they do it they leave the administrators with no other choice but to quit," [Petrilli's attorney] said.

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