Friday, June 06, 2008

More on the Draud e-mails

Toni Konz has posted more information on Commissioner Jon Draud's car on C-J's Learning Curve blog.
In an e-mail dated Feb. 7 from Jim Sawrie, a commercial fleet salesman at Freedom Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep in Lexington, to Mike Gustafson with the finance cabinet, Sawrie wrote in bold letters that for upgrade in engine that Draud wanted, there would be "an additional charge of $10,946 added to the state price of $18,101."

On Jan. 14, Sawrie sent an e-mail to Gustafson that said, "to get GPS you would have to move up models and pkgs from the 300 LX to the 300 limited, that is a huge price move plus the GPS option is in a pkg that costs $1,600, would be better to buy him a $400.00 GPS, but I will price this unit out if you need a mod addition."

On Feb. 7, Robin Kinney, the education department's associate commissioner for operations, asked Draud's secretary, Jody Smith, to "pass along the information regarding his automobile purchase. Please let me know if he would like us to proceed based upon the price quote below, or if he would like to revise/modify his request."

On Feb. 11, Smith replied to Kinney, "Dr. Draud said to proceed with the order based on the information price/quote."

On April 15, Perry sent an e-mail to Kinney saying that Draud had telephoned "asking that we check into the status of his car." "Dr. Draud has asked that we contact the dealership to move the car along," Perry wrote.

On April 16, Kinney sent an e-mail to Valerie Blade-Thomas in the education department's financial and materials management office, saying that, "per our discussion, I have today advised the commissioner that you will call at least
once a week to check on the status of his automobile order. Please continue to
make this a top priority."

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