Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Felner: Federal investigation leads to resignation

More from, and Photo (Robert Felner answers questions during a May 5 visit to Kenosha.)

...David Giroux, a UW System spokesman, who earlier Monday said talks of resignation were premature, told the Kenosha News Tuesday evening that Felner offered his resignation Sunday when he informed the university about the investigation. He declined to say if UW President Kevin Reilly asked for the resignation first, but indicated that any investigation would hinder Felner's Parkside position.

Giroux said Reilly wanted to look into the matter for a couple of days before formally accepting the resignation."I'll just say he offered the resignation and the resignation was accepted," Giroux said.

"We came to believe it was in the best interest of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside to move into a different direction, and we are doing that now. We have a campus that has ambitions for the future and is focused on strong leadership. Anyone in Dr. Felner's position would be hard pressed to give that focus."

According to a report on Page One Kentucky, an online news blog, Felner was packing up his office in Louisville Friday when federal investigators swarmed in to cart away computers and paperwork from his office and other areas of the College of Education. The blog said federal agents escorted Felner to the bathroom and out of the building...

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