Wednesday, June 01, 2011

FCPS Supt Finalists Include 3 Known Quantities

Three finalists with fairly close ties to outgoing Superintendent Stu Silberman were selected by the Fayette County Board of Education following a national search. Who could've guessed?

This from Lisa Deffendall at FCPS:

Three Kentucky candidates to compete for schools chief post

Three seated Kentucky superintendents will interview next week to become the next Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent, after beating out applicants that hailed from 10 states.
Vying for the top administrative post in the state’s second largest school district are:
•                    Elaine Farris, Superintendent of the Clark County Public Schools in Winchester, with a student enrollment of 5,500. “I'm grateful and appreciative of being selected as a finalist and I look forward to the opportunity to meet with community members and to interview with the Fayette County Board of Education.”
•                    Tom Shelton, Superintendent of the Daviess County Public Schools in Owensboro, with a student enrollment of 11,500. “I was blessed to have the opportunity to work under Mr. Silberman for nine years and then to succeed him for the past seven years in my current district. I now look forward to the possibility of succeeding him again and continuing the great work going on in Lexington/Fayette County, which I think has all the resources and support to have the best school district in the country.”
•                    Lu Young, Superintendent of the Jessamine County Public Schools in Nicholasville, with a student enrollment of 7,800. “My thanks to the screening committee and the Board for including me in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Fayette superintendency is a dream job for me and I am looking forward to engaging wholeheartedly in the selection process as it unfolds.”
“We felt a national search was in the best interest of our students,” said Fayette County Board of Education Chair John Price. “But after an exhaustive search and thorough review of applicants, three from within the state appeared to offer the expertise we’re looking for.”
The school board decision came after a roughly two-hour closed door session last night, during which the six-member superintendent screening committee and a pair of professional search consultants presented their recommended candidates.
“We were very impressed by the commitment and time spent by the members of the screening committee and board, and they had a hard time selecting from a strong slate of candidates,” said Tom Jacobson, owner and CEO of search consulting firm McPherson & Jacobson. “Although we had a number of good candidates from out of state, we found the strongest right here in Kentucky.”
Next week, each candidate will spend a full day – from 7 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. – in Lexington meeting with seven focus groups representing students, parents, community members and employees. After each candidate meets with representatives from various constituent groups, participants will be asked to provide written feedback to the school board about the applicants’ strengths and any community concerns.
The schedule includes a daily press conference at 3 p.m. and a public forum each night at 5:30 p.m. in Norsworthy Auditorium, 701 East Main Street. The community is encouraged and invited to attend.
Between now and Sunday, June 5 at midnight, the public is invited to submit questions for the candidates by emailing Each candidate will be asked the same questions during each public forum, which will be moderated by KET’s Renee Shaw.
Following the forums, the board will conduct its formal interviews.
Young will interview June 7, Shelton will interview June 8 and Farris will interview June 9. The board will meet at 7 a.m. Friday, June 10, to begin its decision making process.
“We look forward to the interview process and the opportunity for the candidates to interact with our community,” Price said. “The full day of meeting with our stakeholders will allow us to learn more about each of them and evaluate their performance in order to find the right superintendent to continue to move our district forward for kids.”
The community has been heavily involved throughout the search, beginning with a series of public forums and focus group discussions that asked hundreds of Lexington residents about the qualities they’d like to see in the next superintendent.  An additional 300 people filled out an online survey.
Based on that input, applicants were evaluated on the areas of leadership and transparency, as well as their commitment to making students a top priority, focusing on student achievement, eliminating disparities, moving the district forward and maintaining fiscal stability. The three finalists were selected from among 14 applicants representing a diversity of gender, race and professional experience. 
The board hopes to have a new superintendent seated by July 1.  Current Superintendent Stu Silberman is retiring after seven years with the district.  He has since been hired to become the next executive director of the Prichard Committee.


Anonymous said...

Please do not choose a super from Daviess County! Isn't one enough? No more Stu! No more Stu! No more Stu! No more test prep! No more test prep! No more test prep!

Anonymous said...

We have seen enough of Stu's former employees to the Fayette County area, I hope the board can see this and realize we need a fresh perspective on our schools and bring in someone that can balance student achievement along with listening to employee concerns, as it is now if you are not a Fayette County Administrator you are not heard you just do the work. Fayette County doesn't need to continue Stu's vision by selecting another Daviess County employee, Stu's vision took him straight to early retirement several years before he expected.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think with the current Board, we will see Shelton (a Stu clone) as the next superintendent. Board members Love, Bacon and Board Chair John Price have the majority vote despite the best intentions, thoughtful consideration and courage of Ferguson and Barnett to vote their conscience and listen to their constituents. This sounds like a set up from start to finish. So that Stu could set up his "boy" Tom to continue his dirty deeds like a puppet after his "retirement"

Anonymous said...

Stu Silberman will get his... Members of the Lexington gay community are mobilizing as we speak. They have their stories to tell, too. Children bullied in schools, a suicide of a gay student at Dunbar, Michael Ernst sexually harassing male employees. Teachers who agitated for gay rights disciplines despite first amendment freedoms. So far all has been kept under wraps.But for how much longer?

I beg the Board not to hire anyone from Daviess County. We don;t need another Mr. Silberman. What about giving an African American woman a chance? Isn't it time?

Anonymous said...

I think it is time to hire an African American woman. We've had affirmative action for white males in this district for some time now...Walton, Ridgeway, Cassidy, Potts, Flynn, Tennet, and Silberman. The time for change is now.

We don't need another male who has been trained by Stu Silberman.