Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fayette superintendent search will be open, not replicate past mistakes, board chair said

This from Jim Warren at the Herald-Leader:

Fayette County School Board Chairman John Price says the board intends to conduct an open and transparent superintendent search, with community involvement, while avoiding the kind of glitches that plagued some previous searches.

Past problems included rapid turnover, with two superintendents and two interims in the five years before Stu Silberman was hired; superintendent search firms that didn't do their homework, and conflicts between openness and confidentiality.

The board, now gearing up its search to replace Silberman, is reviewing some earlier searches, hoping to use things that worked well...

"We'd like the process to be as smooth as possible and as transparent as possible," Price said. "It's very important that the community be involved because the community has to have a relationship with the superintendent and the superintendent has to have a relationship with the community. If it's a good relationship, we can move forward." ...

"We need to get absolutely the best person we can," Price said. "The district is large and attractive enough that I think we'll have candidates from across the country, as we have in the past."

A few in-state names have been mentioned in education circles as possible candidates, including Jessamine County Superintendent Lu Young and Daviess County Superintendent Tom Shelton, whom Silberman mentored when he was
Daviess superintendent before coming to Lexington. ...
Clark County Superintendent and former Deputy Commissioner Elaine Farris's name has also been mentioned along with that of Tim Hanner from Kenton County.


Anonymous said...

The only costly mistake the Fayette County Board of Education could make would be to hire a superintendent who has a reputation for doing the following:

1) Changing the name of the district office

2) Firing the in-house legal counsel

3) Failing to observe due process

4) Escorting employees who file civil rights complaints from the school premises

5)Suspending a successful principal who was Teacher of the Year

6) Suspending a successful Teacher of the Year who had to discipline children

7) Attempting to accuse a principal of fabricating test results

8) Overlooking the pleas of custodians who feel they are being bullied by other custodian

9) Employing a marketing strategy based on the cult of personality

10) Closing his/her official communications with his first name only

11) Hugging and kissing each board member, student, or principal at school board meetings

12) Hiring middle school directors who patronize the Bar Complex, sexually harass male employees

13) Saying he is being harassed by board members who ask legitmate questions about personnel and legal matters

14) ignoring the rights of hard working bus drivers and their legitimate right to file a grievance

Anonymous said...

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