Thursday, June 09, 2011

Finalists on Film: Tom Shelton

This from FayetteABC:

In these short video clips from his public visit to FCPS on June 8th, Tom Shelton provides his perspective on a number of specific issues, including standardized testing, assessment, Senate Bill 1, and so forth. In addition to the short thematic clips, we have included full video footage of Dr Shelton's press conference and public forum.


Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed in saying this, because it is another indictment of Stu's methods, but because Mr. Shelton was a protege of Mr. Silberman, I hope the FCPS school board will choose a different candidate to replace the superintendent. FCPS desperately needs a new direction. We need to focus on education, on opening doors, not strictly test preparation. We need to hold students accountable for their learning. We need to make it okay for teachers to have a say in test preparation. We need parents like Dr. Myrick to feel welcome to speak before the Board of Education.

Since 2004, I've watched the rhetoric in FCPS change. We were told in 2004 we teach children and not subjects. It was suggested to teachers and parents that until Mr. Silberman came our district was a ship without a captain. Mrs. Merlene Davis in her column implied that until Mr. Silberman came, black children were done wrong by the system. Those of us in the sytem know that egotism does not a good leader make.

As for me, I don't believe our district is better than it was before Mr. Silberman came. I can't say that Stu has a positive management style, nor can I say that he will be remembered for the positive changes he brought. I can't say our students are more likely to follow rules, more likely to learn in the present conditions.

Mr. Silberman moved from instructional leader to dictator.How has he shaped teh debate on education? What new ideas has he come up with? His ascent to power was slow, but once he had the media in his hands, he was allowed to do rule unchallenged. This blog changed that.

There were many victims of Mr. Silberman. Think how many good experienced teachers took early retirement because of Mr. Silberman. How many good principals left their positions? We only heard bits and pieces of the feud with Mrs. Ferguson or Mrs. Allen. Think of how many other good employees who were pushed out quietly. Are teachers really better off now that they feel they cannot question the rapid "test-driven" instruction that was forced down their throats.

I pray, no I beg, that the FCPS trustees, chosen by the Lexington voters, can see that we don't this charade to continue. We need openness in our schools. We need to get away from three scrimmage tests per year. We need to get on with the business of teaching.

I therefore would prefer not to be led in this endeavor by Mr. Shelton. Let's give these ladies, none mentored by Stu Silberman, a chance.

Anonymous said...

From the interviews I saw, Shelton's approach seemed like a departure from Stu's. Here is what Farris said in one of the interviews about Stu:
"We had the same philosophies and believed in the same things and our value systems were much alike. I've always admired him from afar."