Wednesday, June 01, 2011

EKU's New Middle College Program

"As a state public policy matter, 
and as a mission goal of Eastern Kentucky University, 
student success has become a real point of focus 
and what we are announcing today, is part and parcel, 
in an effort aimed at enhancing and increasing student success 
and educational attainment in this commonwealth.""
---EKU President Doug Whitlock

EKU President Doug Whitlock joined Madison County Schools Superintendent, Kentucky Education Education Commissioner Terry Holliday, and CPE President Bob King recently in announcing Kentucky's first middle college program.

The middle college will seek to engage students who are academically capable, but who have circumstances which present barriers to success in the traditional high school setting. The program will serve 60 juniors this fall, and if successful, 60 seniors will be added next year. These juniors and seniors will spend two years finishing high school and beginning college on the EKU campus.

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