Saturday, June 25, 2011

Former Kenton superintendent ready for next chapter

This from the Coshocton Tribune:
Though it's full of uncertainty, Tim Hanner says he is ready for the next phase of his life.

The superintendent of the Kenton County School District the past five years worked his last day Friday. He'll take a short vacation next week before getting a new kidney, likely to happen in the next few months.

Both of his kidneys will be removed and replaced with one from his brother, John.

"While the unknown is scary to think about, I'm also excited about it," Hanner said. "I'm looking forward to having more energy and feeling better."

Hanner was diagnosed in 2006 with chronic kidney failure, called focal sclerosis. It results from scar tissue forming on parts of the kidneys, making the filters useless. What causes it is often unknown, as was the case in Hanner's diagnosis.

Some people close to him suggested five years ago that he not take the job because of the disease, but he did, and with a goal of serving five years. He'd have stayed longer, but his kidneys are functioning below 20 percent. He would need to go on dialysis if they fall below 15 percent.

"I don't feel regret, but feel blessed," Hanner said. "As I've gone through my things and reflected on my time here, it's been good for me." ...

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