Wednesday, June 08, 2011

FayetteABC Does Some Homework

Thanks to the folks at FayetteABC we will soon be posting video clips of the finalists for the Fayette County superintendency as they become available.

In the meantime, FayetteABC has compiled TELL Survey data on Clark, Jessamine and Daviess Counties for comparison.

...and one of them really shines.

Lookie here.

And while you're here I hope you will participate in our snap poll in the upper right hand corner of the blog. Who is your choice for FCPS Superintendent?

In addition to compiling survey data, FayetteABC managed to send out 1,900 individual emails, over a three day period recently, to FCPS elementary and middle school faculty  (minus about 30 bounce backs). They wanted to include hig school faculty as well but logistically it was much more complicated and they were unable to do it...except at Lafayette. I told Erik Myrup I didn't think he could get that many through the district's span filter...but he proved me wrong.

Each message was individually addressed to the teacher by name and by school. Myrup wrote as a parent to say, "thank you," and to express FayetteABC's support for all that each teacher has done for their students while also conveying Myrup's concerns about standardized testing and the future of classroom instruction. He asked each teacher to accept his remarks to the school board as a tribute to all that they have done for the county's children and then provided a link to his presentation.

Myrup told KSN&C, 
the effort has generated a significant response from teachers all across the county. In nearly every response, teachers have expressed similar feelings and concerns about the current testing environment in the district. Additionally, many -- though not all -- have spoken about fears of reprimand if they publicly share their concerns.
I still find that last bit to be very sad.


Anonymous said...

I teach at Cassidy Elementary. It is clear my principal was upset that the mail from Dr. Myrick got through.

I was so scared to open it. I didn't know what to think. I am still scared that I did.

Anonymous said...

FEAR. FEAR. FEAR. FEAR. It's a terrible thing to feel. nobody seems to know hoew the teachers who actually care about the school feel. Testing is totally out of hand.