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Vetting the Fayette Finalists

UPDATED: Resumes added
UPDATED: Student performance data added

Three well-known (and well-respected) Kentucky superintendents were identified by the Fayette County Board of Education this week as finalists for the soon-to-be-vacant post in Lexington. The successful candidate will replace Stu Silberman who was headed for retirement when he was named Executive Director of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence.

A couple of Thank Yous:
  • First, to John Price and the Fayette County Board of Education for delivering on their promise of an open process; 
  • and to Lindsey and J'nette for their research assistance. (I hope I can match up the fonts and style for each of the posts, but I'm not holding my breath.)
KSN&C, being essentially a news site, has been known to dig back into the treasure troves and call up public statements on issues individuals have dealt with. The idea here is simple reporting. To paraphrase long-time Kentucky journalist Al Smith, we need journalists who know how important it is to listen, challenge, and report what our education leaders say.

To that end, in the not-to-distant future, KSN&C will be posting three rather long collections of information, one on each finalist. The information is fully sourced, or linked, and typically includes the lead to the story, and whatever the candidate said about the issue. In other cases, our search uncovered videos or other tidbits that might provide additional insight into the finalists. Despite heavy editing, the material still produced 91 pages on one candidate - which I imagine will be some kind of KSN&C record. We'll call it the writer's cramp award.

This journalistic endeavor is intended to support the idea of transparency for public officials like school superintendents. It is also our hope that the ultimate voters - members of the Fayette County Board of Education - will avail themselves of the resources in an effort to better "know what they're buying." The good news is that the board seems to have settled on three pretty solid candidates. If anything ugly was out there against any of them, we'd probably already know it. The FCPS Board could still make a mistake, but probably not a big one.

Let's get started with a few test scores, and readers can decide for themselves the value of the data.

2008-2009 11th & 12th grade Composite ACT data
Clark  11th 19.3; 12th 19.6
Daviess 11th 18.9; 12th 19.2
Jessamine 11th 19.4; 12th 20.3

2008-2009 8th Grade Composite Explore data
Clark 14
Daviess 15.6
Jessamine 14.8

2008-2009 10th Grade Composite Plan data
Clark 16.5
Daviess 17.1
Jessamine 16.5

READING  - KCCT Percentages proficient + distinguished students







MATH - KCCT Percentages proficient + distinguished students






And to our readers, particularly those who are looking for the anti-Stu, sorry. All three of the finalists are well-schooled in the state's current direction. That is not to suggest any lack of savvy on their part. But I don't think there is a single candidate who is likely to open a Walden School anytime soon. All three are relatively close to Stu - at least philosophically, but they each have their own personalities. Shelton has worked most directly with Silberman, Lu testified on Stu's behalf in the Petrilli case and as I recall, Stu was supportive of Elaine in the Minority Recruitment process. They all talk, ya know? And like Stu, and every other superintendent I have ever known, all three will have their detractors.

I suggest that everyone take a deep breath, and wade through the material we will present. I think you will find it deadly boring and devoid of much that is controversial. (Boy, I can really make a sales pitch, can't I?)  But what you will also find are positions taken on issues that FCPS may have to deal with.

You should also know that KSN&C has invited the finalists to submit additional information, and has received a lot of material including resume, application (and more) from two of the finalists, as of this writing.

(Here is Jim Warren's piece on the three candidates in H-L.)

But, until we can finish our work, here's the view from outside of Fayette County, from the finalists hometown papers...and we've added candidate resumes.

This from the Jessamine Journal:

Jessamine's superintendent Lu Young a finalist for Fayette superintendent position

The Fayette County Board of Education announced Wednesday morning the names of the three finalist candidates its members will interview in the final leg of the search for the system’s next superintendent position, and Jessamine County superintendent Lu Young made the cut. The board is seeking a replacement to fill the shoes of current Superintendent Stu Silberman, who announced his retirement in February.

Young rose to a top three position in a pool of 14 applicants from 10 different states, according to a news release from Fayette County Public Schools. The six-member search committee and two professional search consultants discussed the decision with the Fayette County school board in a nearly two-hour closed session Tuesday night and announced the top three choices shortly before noon Wednesday.
Each of the candidates currently serve school districts in Kentucky — Elaine Farris currently serves as the Clark County superintendent and Tom Shelton is working as superintendent of the Daviess County school system. While the board and search committee interviewed candidates from across the state, they ultimately found the best matches in their own backyard.

“We felt a national search was in the best interest of our students,” Fayette County Board of Education Chair John Price said in the release. “But after an exhaustive search and thorough review of applicants, three from within the state appeared to offer the expertise we’re looking for.”

Young’s interview will take place on Tuesday, June 7 from 7 a.m to 9:30 p.m. and will include a press conference at 3 p.m. and a public forum at 5:30 p.m. Young said she’s looking forward to the long, but exciting day ahead.

“The most exciting thing for me is the chance to meet with community members,” Young said in a phone interview Wednesday afternoon. “The schedule for Tuesday is packed with opportunities to meet a lot of different people, and I thrive in those kind of experiences. I get to learn more about the school system and get to meet some students, and that will be the highlight of the day for me. It sounds like a fun process all around.”
Young said the Fayette County superintendent position has always been a “dream job” for her and when the opportunity opened up, she knew she had to at least apply. She said she felt like the job would be a “challenge” that she’s ready to try at this point in her career.

“(Fayette County) is an incredible school district. They do a lot of really good things for their students and their families,” Young said. It's the second-largest district in Kentucky and by standards across the nation it's a large school district, so it appeals to me for the opportunity to impact a larger community the size of Lexington and Fayette County and to put to practice what I've learned over the years in Jessamine County. A lot of really great people are there ... and I felt like this was one of those opportunities I would regret not going for.”

Recounting the 28 years she’s spent working in Jessamine County, seven of which she’s spent as superintendent, Young said she feels she has many solid experiences she can draw from if selected for the position. Most of her love for Jessamine County stems from time spent learning from her mentors, she said.
“I feel like I've had a lot of really good mentoring from Superintendent France and other superintendents before her, assistant superintendent Pete Royse and colleagues on my Central Office team right now who have clearly invested themselves in me over the years as a professional,” Young said. “I feel like I've had good nurturing and mentoring in Jessamine County, and we have made really good strides in terms of academic achievement, dropout prevention and equity and opportunities for all learners in the seven years I've been superintendent ... I’d love to have the opportunity to try those things out on a larger scale.”

Young also said she’s felt a lot of support from the Jessamine County School Board, which supports her pursuit of the opportunity and will help make a smooth transition and plan for succession if Young is selected to go to Fayette County.

The candidates will interview between June 7 and June 9 and the Fayette County board tentatively plans to make a final decision June 10, and the new superintendent seated by July 1, according to the release.
Young said she communicated with her staff Wednesday to reassure them that she’s still wholeheartedly committed to Jessamine County, and if she’s not selected to fill the Fayette County position, she fully intends to return to Jessamine County in the fall.

“I sent out an e-mail to my staff this morning to let those folks know I'm not running away from anything,” Young said. “It's just one of those "apple-in-my-eye" opportunities that I felt like I would regret if I didn't go for. I didn't want anyone to think that there was anything "broken" about Jessamine County. It's just a unique opportunity. I love the work that I do in this community and I hope I haven't burned any bridges in the process.”
325 Hawthorne Dr.
Nicholasville, KY 40356


I currently serve as the superintendent of Jessamine County Schools, a medium-sized P-12 district located in Nicholasville, KY, where our mission is to ensure that every child in every school is motivated and challenged to be a caring, responsible citizen and a high-level thinker, performer, communicator, and learner for life. I am passionate about seizing the opportunity to transform classrooms and schools into rigorous next-generation learning environments where every child graduates ready for success in college and career.


In Progress Northern KY University Exec Ed.D. in Educational Leadership as of 1/2011 (Doctorate to be completed Spring 2013)

1996 - 2004 University of Kentucky Principal and Supt Certification
1981 - 1984 Eastern KY University MA Spanish
1977 - 1981 Eastern KY University BA Major - Spanish; Minor - English


2004 - Present Jessamine County Schools Superintendent
2000 - 2004 Jessamine County Schools Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum
1998 - 2000 Jessamine County Schools Director of Curriculum
1997 - 1998 East Jessamine High School Assistant Principal
1983 - 1997 Jessamine County Schools Teacher


School Curriculum, Assessment & Accountability Council (SCAAC)
Serving a third term
Appointed by Governor Fletcher in 2007; Reappointed by Governor Beshear
Chair since September 2008

State Advisory Council for Gifted & Talented Education
Appointed by Governor Beshear in 2008

American Association of School Administrators (AASA)
Member of the Governing Board representing Kentucky

Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA)

Kentucky Association of School Superintendents (KASS)
Board of Directors

Kentucky Council of Administrators of Special Education (KYCASE)
Board of Directors

Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Children (KECSAC)
Interagency Advisory Group Member

Jessamine County Chamber of Commerce
Executive Committee Member and President-Elect

Rotary Club of Nicholasville

United Way of the Bluegrass
Education Impact Council Chair

University of Kentucky College of Education Board of Advocates


November 2009 “Carl Perkins Contributor to Special Education” Award

April 2009 Jessamine County Chamber of Commerce “Education Award”

September 2008 KY World Languages Assoc “Outstanding Administrator Award”

April 2005 Eastern Kentucky University Hall of Distinguished Alumni Inductee


Mr. Eugene Peel, Chair Mr. Karl Smith, Immediate Past Chair
Jessamine County Board of Education Jessamine County Board of Education
404 Linden Lane 120 Juniper Drive
Nicholasville, KY 40356 Nicholasville, KY 40356

Ms. Linda P. France, Director
Next Generation Learning Partnerships Dean and Endowed Chair
University of KY College of Education and Human Services
15 Dickey Hall
Lexington, KY BEP 216
(Former Jessamine County Superintendent)

Dr. M. Mark Wasicsko

Office of the Dean
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY 41099

Ms. Laura Owens
Advancement Strategies
107 Thistle Road
Frankfort, KY 40601
(Former KY Secretary of Education & Workforce Cabinet)

Additional References Available Upon Request
This from the Central Kentucky News:

Farris among finalists for Fayette superintendent

Clark County Superintendent Elaine Farris is among the top three finalists for the position of superintendent of Fayette County’s public schools. The school district announced its three finalists today following a meeting last night.

The other two candidates are also current superintendents, Lu Young of Jessamine County, and Tom Shelton of Daviess County.
The one the school board hires will replace Stu Silberman, who is retiring after seven years with the district and will become the new executive of the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence in Kentucky.

“It was a tough decision to even make the application, but it was an opportunity that I felt I didn’t want to pass up,” Farris said today.
Farris, who has worked in Fayette County in the last decade as the district director for elementary schools, said it would be a privilege to lead the state’s second largest school district.

She said she is proud of what Clark County’s school district has accomplished in the two years she has been superintendent here, including focusing on “responsibility and accountability” and “increasing expectations of more rigorous classroom instruction.”

The three candidates will interview again next week. Farris’ interview is scheduled for June 9.
Farris, who grew up in Winchester, was the interim state commissioner of education when she took office here on July 1, 2009. She had previously been deputy commissioner, and during her career has been a teacher and principal and held several other administrative positions, including superintendent of Shelby County’s public schools. 


10 B Victory Avenue
Winchester, KY 40391

OBJECTIVE: Seeking an opportunity to utilize my leadership, organizational, planning, educational
training and motivational speaking skills by participating in a team effort to lead and direct a school system
through the establishment of a vision that encapsulates the mission of enhancing student achievement, parent
involvement and community engagement.


SUPERINTENDENT (effective July 1,2009 - Present)
.:. Benefactor of 5500 students .
:. Chief Executive Officer of 440 staff and 400 support personnel.
.:. Created Superintendent's Student Council.
.:. Redirected the Day Treatment Program to be more instructionally focused .
:. Initiated District Student Progress Monitoring system .
:. Implemented District wide Reading and Math (MAP) assessment for grades K-9 .
:. Facilitate Professional Development for district administrators .
:. Stabilized the district's operating budget.
.:. Developed Partnerships with BCTC and EKU .
:. Implemented District Instructional Rounds .
:. Supervising the construction oftwo new school buildings .
:. Mentor in the Minority Superintendent Intern Program.

COMMISSIONER OF EDUCATION - INTERIM (effective January 8, 2009)
.:. Provided technical assistance with curriculum design, school administration and finance, computer and
technology services, media services, community education, secondary vocational education, education
for exceptional children and professional development.
.:. Collaborated with and provided legislators education information .
:. Managed the planning of the statewide research and development effort to identify and develop the best
educational practices to be used in the Kentucky Educational System .
:. Supported the Kentucky School for the Blind and the Kentucky School for the Deaf.
.:. Monitored the management of all school district's administration, finance, implementation of state laws
and regulations and students performance .
:. Supervised the implementation of state laws and the policies under the directive of the Kentucky Board
of Education and the Education Professional Standards Board.

.:. Coordinated and facilitated the work offive offices in the bureau of learning results and services.
:+ Coordinated, approved and executed policy, mandates of KERA and methods affecting Kentucky
education .
:. Provided assistance to the Commissioner with personnel, budgeting, resolving staff issues and the
general public inquiries .
:. Coordinated and provided assistance and support to J 74 districts.
.:. Coordinated legislative matters and attended department policy and legislative committee meetings .
:. Coordinated and facilitated the Improvement Imperative: A Different Approach to Kentucky Department
of Education Assistance and a Renewed Authority for Action .
:. Coordinated and facilitated the Improvement Imperative: A Different Approach to Kentucky Department
Of Education Assistance and a Renewed Authority for Action .
:. Approved purchase requisitions, personnel requests and payrolls .
:. Provided information to auditors, legislative committees, other state agencies, task forces and the press .
:. Interpreted laws, rules and regulations to the appropriate agencies, employees, local administrators and
general public .
:. Coordinated staff meetings and staff development activities .
:. Directed and reviewed the planning budgets for the Department of Education .
:. Drafted correspondence and memoranda for the Commissioner's signature .
:. Coordinated evaluation studies of departmental programs .
:. Evaluated operational functions of the department, recommended and implemented corrective

SUPERINTENDENT (July 1,2004 - July 27, 2007)
.:. Benefactor of 6200 students .
:. Chief Executive Officer of 495 instructional staff and 40 I support personnel.
.:. Implemented first district wide reading and math student assessment system .
:. Installed 25 intelligent classrooms .
:. Opened two new schools .
:. Redirected the alternative school to be more instructionally focused .
:. Executed staggered start times for schools .
:. Audited all of the district school's SBDM policies to ensure all required policies were in place .
:. Facilitated SBDM training for SBDM councils .
:. Put into practice council of councils .
:. Purchased 110 acres of land for a multi-school campus learning community, valued at $1,250,000 .
:. Operated average annual budget of $50,681,117 with an average contingency of 8.57%, during tenure .
:. Trustee of real estate (all facilities) valued at $97,426,939.

SUPERINTENDENT INTERN (July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004)
.:. Shadowed superintendent.
.:. Conducted student achievement monitoring conferences with all principals .
:. Implemented leadership team concept and attend leadership meetings .
:. Conducted professional development on African American Culture and Education .
:. Analyzed school data to determine areas of improvement.
.:. Facilitated development of school wide behavior management plan .
:. Facilitated development/revision of school improvement plan .
:. Participated in discussions about school issues with superintendents across the state .
:. Attended professional organization meetings and conferences .
:. Shadowed central office personnel.

.:. Supervised and evaluated twelve elementary schools and principals .
:. Coordinated and monitored resources and activities to enhance student achievement.
.:. Mentored and supported leadership activities of principals .
:. Monitored operations and management of twelve elementary schools .
:. Collaborated with superintendent and leadership team on monitoring the district.
.:. Served on numerous community and district committees .
:. Planned and provided professional development.
.:. Community - School liaison.

.:. Supervised 60 teachers and staff
.:. Rewards recipient for 2 years .
:. Interviewed 14 potential employees .
:. Assisted with design of school building .
:. Organized and planned relocation of students and faculty after school fire .
:. Minority recruiter.

.:. Reported to the Kentucky Department of Education .
:. Designed and planned programs for five low performing schools (all schools received rewards) .
:. Aligned curriculum .
:. Collaborated with superintendents .
:. Modeled lessons for students .
:. Coordinated resources and activities to enhance student achievement.
:. Member of Kentucky Department of Education Committees .
:. Kentucky Leadership Academy Trainer.

.:. Supervised and evaluated 31 teachers .
:. Monitored attendance of 400 students .
:. Behavior supervisor of freshman class .
:. Chairman for KERA related committees .
:. Student affairs, student council and senior class advisor.

.:. Coached Girls Track / State Track Championship - 1990 .
:. Coached Boys Varsity Cheerleaders.

.:. Odell Gross, Trapp and Shearer Elementary Schools.

.:. Training facilitator for tobacco prevention and school health issues.

Doctoral Student (Education Leadership and Policy Development) - Eastern Kentucky University - 2008 -
Superintendent's Certificate - University of Kentucky-Lexington, KY-1998.
Rank 1: Instructional Leadership - Grades 5 - 12, Eastern Kentucky University - Richmond, KY - 1992.
Elementary Physical Education Endorsement: Eastern Kentucky University - 1982.
M.A. Health Education: Eastern University Kentucky - 1981.
B.S. Degree: Secondary Health and Physical Education, Eastern Kentucky University - 1977.

American Association of School Administrators
National Alliance of Black School Educators
National School Boards Association
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Commissioner of Education Raising Achievement Closing Gap Council
Legislative Superintendent Advisory Council
Education Professional Standards Board Superintendent Program Redesign Committee
Kentucky Association of School Superintendents
Kentucky Association of School Administrators
Kentucky School Boards Association
Bluegrass Alliance of Black School Educators
Kentucky Leadership Academy
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Principal Institute Advisory Board
Winchester Chamber of Commerce
Winchester Rotary Club
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

KET Authority Board
Deputies Leadership Commission
EKU College of Education Advisor Council
State P-16 Council
KDE Superintendent's/CEO Network
Commissioner of Education Principal's Advisory Council
Highly Skilled Educator's Advisory Council
BellSouth Leadership Network
Winchester Leadership Alumni
Leadership Shelbyville
Shelby County Rotary Club
Shelbyville Chamber of Commerce - Concerns Issues and Research Committee
Board of Directors Clark Regional Medical Center

Motivational Speaker
"Seven Habits of Effective People" Facilitator
"Framework for Understanding Poverty" Trainer
Culturally Responsive Teaching Training
Scholastic Audit Trained
Teambuilding Facilitator
Microsoft Software Applications

Former Sunday School Superintendent and Teacher
Former Youth Director
Past President of the Consolidated District Women's Auxiliary
Serve in various youth and adult ministries and on many other committees to edify the Kingdom of God
Currently attend Elizabeth Baptist Church - Richmond, KY with my husband, Pastor Alvin W. Farris

This from the Messenger Inquirer by way of KSBA:

Shelton a finalist for job

Daviess County Public Schools Superintendent Tom Shelton was named one of three finalists Wednesday for the position of superintendent of Fayette County Public Schools in Lexington.

Fayette County recently began its search for a new superintendent after its current superintendent, Stu Silberman, announced earlier this year that he will retire at the end of June.

Silberman was later chosen to head the Prichard Committee, a Lexington-based educational advocacy group. Silberman was previously the superintendent of Daviess County Public Schools before taking the helm at Fayette County. After Silberman’s departure, Shelton became Daviess County’s superintendent.
Shelton said he applied for the Fayette County superintendent’s job for multiple reasons.

“One of the primary reasons was the fact that, I have a lot of family in the area and going to have more, with one of my daughters in college there and the other going to be there at college,” Shelton said. “Second part of the reason was, the opportunity and the challenge of possibly succeeding Stu again as I did here. It was a really a neat opportunity that I’ve had here. The possibility of doing that in a different district really excited me.”

But Shelton said that applying for the job was a difficult decision.

“I’m not unhappy here at all. If I’m not selected or I’m not the right fit, I’m very happy here. We’ve got a lot of great things going on here, so to me it’s a win-win,” Shelton said. “I’ve spent my entire educational career here in Daviess County. This is a phenomenal school district. I have mixed feelings about even considering another school district.”

John Price, chairman of the Fayette County Board of Education, said though the search was conducted nationally, they found the best candidates here in the state.

“We want to find the absolute best person to lead our district forward for the benefit of our kids. We want to find the absolute best person to lead our district forward for the benefit of our kids,” Price said. “Some of our out-of- state candidates had things that caused us to have reservations.”

The other finalists are Lu Young, superintendent of Jessamine County Schools in Nicholasville and Elaine Farris, superintendent of Clark County Schools in Winchester and also a previous interim state education commissioner. Young has been superintendent at Jessamine County since 2004. Farris has headed Clark County Schools since 2009.

Price also said that Shelton is a very strong candidate for the job for a number of reasons.

“Tom’s résumé is very impressive, being Kentucky Superintendent of the Year,” Price said. “He’s involved in a lot of statewide organizations, he’s testified before the Kentucky Legislature, he’s built on the foundation Stu Silberman started in Daviess County and we think he’s a great candidate to interview and get to know better.”

Shelton’s experience under Silberman and then succeeding him as Daviess County superintendent is also a factor.

“We realize that Stu is a very special person and each person has their own special characteristics,” Price said. “We don’t think there’s a Stu clone out there, but we think Tom Shelton has a lot of the qualities we want. He also knows what it’s like to follow Stu Silberman, so he’s aware of some of the pitfalls.”

The finalists are expected to visit Fayette County next week for a day each, meeting with the district’s board of education, various administrators, faculty, staff and students, and also appearing at a public press conference. The board is expected to meet at 7 a.m. June 10 to make the hiring decision.

1514 Kent Place
Owensboro KY 42301

Objective: To serve the families, students and staff of Fayette County Public Schools in order that all students are ensured an exceptional educational learning experience and an opportunity to achieve at high levels by providing principle-centered leadership for the district and all of its operations.

Career Experience:

Jan 1996–Present Daviess County Public Schools
Owensboro KY
(Kentucky public school district serving the educational needs of over 11,500 students with a $110 million budget, 23 physical locations, and a staff of more than 1,800 employees)

Superintendent / Board Secretary (Jul 04 – Present)
Chief Executive Officer of school district, responsible for leading the teaching and learning process and all operational support services for the district while reporting to five-member publicly elected local School Board

Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operational Support / Board Treasurer (Jun 99 – Jun 04) Serve on Superintendent‟s Cabinet for planning and reviewing all facets of district services and operations, including curriculum development and assessment, student services, public relations, personnel, financial planning, and strategic planning Provide leadership and direction for all district operational departments, including business and finance, personnel, facilities and maintenance, computer operations, food service, safety and security, and pupil transportation Assist the Superintendent in all aspects of fiscal responsibility of the district, including budget administration, purchasing management, payroll, accounts payable, financial reporting, and insurance and risk management Coordinate eLearning one-to-one laptop computer project; MUNIS district administrative software system implementation Work with district safety committee to review and update district safety and crisis plans Serve on Local Facilities Planning Committee and Redistricting Committee to develop long-range facilities plan for the district; five new schools and other construction projects have been completed with costs in excess of $70 million

Director of Business & Finance / Board Treasurer (Dec 95 – Jun 99) Serve on Superintendent‟s Cabinet for planning and reviewing all facets of district services and operations, including curriculum development and assessment, student services, public relations, personnel, financial planning, and strategic planning Assist the Superintendent in all aspects of fiscal responsibility of the district, including budget administration, purchasing management, payroll, accounts payable, financial reporting, and insurance and risk management Provide financial analysis and reporting for the Superintendent and School Board as an aid for effective financial and operational decision making Serve as a resource for principals and other district administrators, including those in all operational support areas, by providing financial information and ensuring adequate internal control in their programs, grants, and buildings Coordinate all district treasury functions, including revenue bond sales, investment management, and financial planning

Mar 1995 – Dec 1995 Vermont American Corporation
Louisville KY
(Joint Venture of two multinational firms; $540 million annual revenue, 4,500 employees, eighteen operating divisions; discrete manufacturer of tools, lawn & garden equipment, and closet shelving systems)

Manager, Internal Audit / Operational Consulting Developed Company Internal Auditing policies, procedures, and audit plans Recruited and hired internal audit staff positions Managed operational consulting services for divisions focusing on inventory management and cost control

Jun 1988 - Feb 1995 Alcan Aluminum Corporation
Henderson KY
(Division of $8 billion multinational corporation; $300 million annual revenue; 650 employees; ten person accounting staff; process manufacturer of primary aluminum ingot)

Financial Services Team Leader / Internal Consultant (Mar 92 - Feb 95) Supervised financial and cost accounting functions, including financial reporting, cost analysis, budgeting and planning Coordinated all staff responsibilities Researched and coordinated administrative process reengineering

Performance Analyst (Mar 90 - Mar 92) Provided reports and analysis on plant financial performance for divisional and corporate management Developed standard costs for inventory valuation and profitability analysis Implemented and maintained detailed product costing model for revenue and cost analysis Supervised preparation of annual budgets and quarterly forecasts

Ledger Control / Accounts Payable Accountant (Jun 88 - Mar 90) Coordinated monthly closings and issuance of financial statements to corporate office Supervised Accounts Payable staff and Staff Accountant and audited their work on an ongoing basis

Jan 1987 - Jun 1988 York, Neel and Company CPAs
Owensboro KY
(Regional KY CPA firm with small- to medium-sized client firms; six office locations; approximately sixty employees)

Staff Accountant Supervised and performed financial and operational audits Performed consulting, planning, financial and tax services for clients

Jan 1986 - Jan 1987 Richardson, Pennington and Skinner, PSC
Louisville KY
(Regional KY CPA firm with small- to medium-sized client firms; three office locations; approximately thirty employees)

Staff Accountant Audited several different industry types, including financial institutions, manufacturing firms, governmental entities and service organizations Prepared income, property, sales and other types of tax returns for corporations, partnerships and individuals

Harvard University
Cambridge MA
Post-graduate certificate program – Executive Educational Leadership Program (ExEL):

July 2006 – June 2009
University of Louisville
Louisville KY
PhD in Educational Leadership & Organizational Development – 2010
-Graduate Dean‟s Citation (2010)
-College of Education & Human Development Outstanding Student (2010)

Murray State University
Murray KY
Rank I in Administration & Supervision – 2006
Instructional Supervisor Certification – 2006
Superintendent Certification – 2005
Masters in Business Administration – 1993
Bachelor of Science in Accounting – December 1985

Kentucky Local Superintendent‟s Advisory Council (LSAC)
2006-Present (Chair)

Kentucky Association of School Administrators – 1996-Present
3rd Region President – 2009-2010
Conference Planning Committee – 2000-2002
Budget, Planning, & Evaluation Committee – 2002-2004
Board Member & Executive Committee – 2004-2006
Nominating Committee – 2008-Present
Finance Training Instructor – 2006-Present

Kentucky School Boards Association
Finance Training Instructor – 2009-Present

Kentucky Association of School Superintendents – 2004-Present
Chair – Legislative Financial Review Committee – 2006-Present
Finance Training Instructor – 2005-Present

Kentucky Teacher Retirement System
Board of Trustees – 2008-Present
Committee Memberships – Insurance, Investment, Legislative, & Administrative Appeals

Kentucky School Board Insurance Trust Board of Trustees
KASS representative – 2005-2008

Kentucky Association of School Business Officials – 1996-Present
Vice President – 2001-2002
President Elect – 2002-2003
President – 2003-2004

American Association of School Business Officials – 1998-Present
Earned status as Registered School Business Administrator – 2002

American Association of School Administrators – 2004-Present

Council of County School Superintendents – 2010-Present
National Governing Board – 2010-Present

University of Kentucky Certified School Financial Management Institute
Certified School Financial Manager Certificate – March 2002
Advisory Board Member – 2002-2004
Instructor (School Budgeting and Strategic Planning) – 2002-2005

Council for Better Education – 2006-Present (President)

Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership Participant – 1999 Leadership Kentucky Program Participant – 2000

Junior Achievement of Western Kentucky
Board Member – 2008- Present

Owensboro Noon Rotary International Club – 2004-Present

Owensboro Area Museum of Science and History
Board Member – 2008-Present

Owensboro RiverPark Center
Board Member 2010-Present

Owensboro-Daviess County Chamber of Commerce
Education Board Member – 2008

United Way of Owensboro-Daviess County
Campaign Cabinet – 2000-2006 (2004 & 2006 Chair)
Board Member – 2001-Present
Treasurer – 2002-2004
Vice President – 2005
President Elect – 2006
President – 2007

Community Foundation of Owensboro-Daviess County
Board Member – 2002-2007
Finance Committee – 2002-2007
Secretary – 2004-2007

Owensboro First Baptist Church
Deacon – 1989-Present
New Member Sunday School Teacher
Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Fraternity
Alpha Chi National Honor Fraternity
Phi Delta Kappa – Member
NSPRA Golden Achievement Award – 2008

"Century Club 100‟ National Educational Leadership Team – 2009

e-School News Magazine Tech-Savvy Superintendent of the Year – 2009

Kentucky (KASA) School Superintendent of the Year – 2011

Publications and Presentations:
In conjunction with Dr. Blake Haselton, developed and published a school finance training manual for Kentucky superintendents (2006)

Developed and presented superintendent, board member, and administrator finance and technology training courses (2005-present)

Led and assisted in development of quality instruction training programs and presented training modules for all district staff to include focus on 21st century skills, critical thinking in the classroom, essential questions in the classroom, use and development of classroom learning walks, development and use of professional learning communities among and between teachers and administrators (2006-present)

Developed and coordinated focus group sessions of community leaders, business and industry, post-secondary institutions, parents, students, and staff in order to develop vision, mission, and strategic plan of school district (2006)

School Funding Articles in Kentucky School Advocate (various)

Article on preparing students for 21st Century in Owensboro Magazine

Various doctoral research articles in progress toward publication

District and School Accomplishments:
District Programs and Initiatives:
Community Campus – as part of the Partnership for Next Generation Learning (PNxGL) with the Council for Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the Stupski Foundation, developed five workforce-based academies (STEM, Health Sciences, Performing Arts, Business & Entrepreneurship, and Construction & Trades) in which area high school students are able to gain dual credit opportunities in secondary and post secondary settings Graduation 2010 – assisted in development and implementation of arts, foreign language, and critical thinking curriculum for all students based on brain development research for P-12 grade levels (district received KSBA Peak Award and NSBA Magna Award) eLearning – funded and coordinated laptop computer program for 24-hour / 7-day use by all DCPS high school students (district received KSBA Peak Award) Healthy Student and Staff Initiative – led development and implementation of five-year plan for physical, mental, and emotional health for all students and staff (district received one of six national awards from Center for Disease Control) Focusing Our Vision – led and coordinated implementation of initiative to ensure quality instruction in every classroom for every student, every day, to prepare students for the 21st century through development of critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills (district received Tom Vest Professional Development Award from KASA) PILOT Program (Prospective Instructional Leaders On-the-Job Training) – revised and enhanced district administrator development program to build base for future staff leadership Minority Recruitment & Involvement – revised and enhanced recruitment of minority staff through community involvement and participation Tuition reimbursement program – developed and implemented partial tuition reimbursement program for staff to promote and encourage continuing education and lifelong learning e-Board Meeting – implemented paperless school board meetings and provided Board members with laptop computers for efficiency and communication DCPS Green Team – directed and implemented environmental and energy awareness plan Sister District: Binhu District, Wuxi, China – developed and implemented sister school district relationship to include staff visits, student pen pal relationships, teacher exchanges, and interaction between students and staff through technology Sister Schools: Nisshin, Japan – supported development of sister school relationships involving one high school and one elementary school

Literacy Plan – coordinated revision and implementation of district-wide literacy plan to focus on student growth using Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment Numeracy Plan – coordinated development and implementation of district-wide plan to focus on math achievement and growth through vertical and horizontal alignment of curriculum and assessment District Safety Plan – led development and implementation of plan to include school resource officers at high schools, proximity card keyless access to all buildings, security cameras at all buildings, renovated entrances in existing buildings and constructed entrances in new buildings which require access to all buildings to go through the school offices, and revised district emergency plan for use by students and staff

School Accomplishments:
Six schools have achieved National Blue Ribbon School status Seven elementary schools have already reached proficiency under CATS and all other elementary and middle schools were on track to reach proficiency prior to Senate Bill 1 removing CATS accountability Burns Middle School – twice named as Kentucky School to Watch Daviess County High School – High Schools That Work (HSTW) for Educational Achievement and HSTW Pacesetter Award

Technology and Communication:
Provided all teachers with laptop computers Provided all classrooms (P-12) with e-classroom model to include projector, screen, document camera, DVD/VCR, and other assistive technology Developed and implemented new district web page Implemented OneCall Now parent notification service Implemented Channel 74 Public Access District Cable TV Channel

New Facilities and Improvements:
Completed construction and opening – College View Middle School Completed renovation and opening – Beacon Central High School Construction and opening – Deer Park Elementary School Construction and opening – Sorgho Elementary School Construction and opening – East View Elementary School Construction and opening – Meadow Lands Elementary School Construction and opening – Southern Oaks Elementary School Construction and opening – West Louisville Elementary School Completed renovations / additions – all other existing schools Construction and opening – Pupil Transportation Complex Construction and opening – Maintenance Warehouse

Construction and opening – DCPS Learning Center for Professional Development Construction of addition and renovation – DCPS Central Office

Other District Awards:
“What Parents Want” Award from School Match Corp. (each year consecutively from 2002-2009) KDE Exemplary district award in Finance, Maintenance, and Food Service (runner-up in Transportation) NSBA Digital Schools District Award (2009) Numerous OASIS awards from KYSPRA for School Public Relations


Casey Hinds said...

Please include information about their leadership on the issue of student wellness. Kentucky has the third highest rate of childhood obesity and reversing the rising rates requires a comprehensive approach that engages communities, schools, and families in promoting and supporting healthy diets and physical activity for all children. This is an issue that impacts the achievement of children from all groups but hits poor and minorities especially hard. We need strong leadership in a new superintendent to help turn things around.

Anonymous said...

No more Stu clones!

Anonymous said...

Sounds as if Price has already made his mind up by stating how impressive Shelton's resume is, what about the other 2 candidates resumes? So how is following Stu a good thing?

Anonymous said...

Am I reading Shelton's resume incorrectly or has he NEVER actually taught in a classroom? At least Farris taught P.E. for 10 years at the elementary and high school levels. After that she seems to have moved every two to three years, albeit climbing the career ladder each time.
Lu Young taught in the classroom for 14 years, not sure what subject and grade levels. We HAVE to have a Superintendent who respects and values teachers. I can't be "all about kids" when their teachers are completely demoralized.

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed to hear that the Fayette Board has already mobilized in support of Mr. Silberman's underling. I fear for the lives of our schools if we continue a policy of "It's about kids" and then overtest them as we rob teachers of the right to discipline in the classroom.

Lu Young is clearly our best choice. For FCPS top continue business as usual with a Silberman clone is disturbing.

I wish FayetteABC were not lying so low these days. We need their leadership and their voice.

Anonymous said...

I do not like that ALL of Lu Young's experience is from lil ol' Nicholasville. We need either Shelton or Farris for Fayette County.

Erik Myrup - FayetteABC said...

Although FayetteABC now represents more than 375 county residents in at least 14 different schools, we do not feel that we have the right to speak for individual signers in terms of specific superintendent choices. Members of FayetteABC will be attending the daily parent focus groups as well as the superintendent open forums. Additionally, we have submitted specific questions about standardized testing to these venues and will be posting relevant information regarding candidate responses on our website each night. We encourage anyone who shares our concerns to consult our website and consider these reports along with other available sources of information when forming opinions about the best superintendent for our district.

Please keep in mind that notwithstanding the community forums that will be held this week, the final decision will ultimately be made by the Fayette County Board of Education. In this regard, we would especially encourage you to write directly to your school board member sharing concerns and experiences related to standardized testing practices, as well as any additional matters that you feel are important. While none of the current candidates is necessarily a reformer in terms of standardized testing, some may be more likely than others to engage educators, parents, and the broader community in ongoing and open discussions about standardized testing and other important issues. In this regard, it is crucial to consider candidates’ leadership styles alongside the test-related practices in their current districts.

Contact information for individual board members is available on the FCPS website. Additionally, the following e-mail address can be used to write directly to all five board members at once:

We encourage everyone to attend the community open forums. Most importantly, we urge you to communicate directly with board members about your preferences and concerns.

--Erik Myrup