Wednesday, May 25, 2011

FayetteABC Makes It's Case

On Monday, Dr Erik Myrup, representing FayetteABC spent about 12 minutes addressing the Fayette County Board of Education. Myrup discussed the unintended, negative consequences of standardized test preparation on children in Fayette County Public Schools. The board listened without comment or questions.

In his comments, Myrup quoted KSN&C's Skip Kifer on the issue of standardized testing.


Anonymous said...

The look on Mr. Silberman's face says is, as they say, priceless. Finally, a challenge from his beloved parents. The tide has begun to turn.

Sic semper tyrannis!

Anonymous said...

What is Dr. Kifer's take on the testing in Fayette Public Schools. I am assuming he feels it is out of control, and that Stu Silberman encourages teaching to the test?

Anonymous said...

Today our school received teh first email from Dr. Myrick. I am pleased we did.

When I asked colleagues about it, many seemed scared to take a stand.A few said they were afraid to open it.

It's a shame that Mr. Silberman has made teachers afraid to speak their minds.

Anonymous said...

We also received emails from Dr. Myrick today. I think the principal was working with our tech person to try to direct these to junk mail.

It seems Dr. Myrick is being portrayed as a villain by the administration. I know he is not a bad guy. It's simply amazing that Fayette County Public Schools doesn't realize that the "testing" and "test preparation" are the problem. I wonder how far they will go to try to stop Dr. Myrick.

I am way too afraid to sign his petition.