Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bird Calls

Twitter is not really my thing.

The very thought of going through my day tweeting my every inane thought like some ticker tape running across my forehead and hoping someone might care, seems a little creepy to me. I'm not quite sure why, but it does.

Our little experiment, chirping the Petrilli v Silberman trial, was a different kind of use. Real time reporting for folks who have to be elsewhere.

For those of you who played along, let us know what you thought of it all.

Any ideas for the future?


Anonymous said...

Dear Richard,

Keep Twittering!

As an educator who feels she has witnessed the erosion of standards in FCPS under Stu and the loss of authority by both teachers and principals, I watched the blog on the Petrelli case on numerous occasions. I appreciate the reports that you gave from Twitter.

Of course, I really wish I could sign my name and give my school. The fact that I cannot do so speaks to the level of fear we have in Fayette County in spite of First Amendment lawsuits that have allowed teachers to criticize their superiors.

After you departed from Cassidy Elementary School, I wondered if you left because of Stu Silberman, but then I just assumed you had your eye set on a position in academia.

Good to see you back on these pages.

Anonymous said...

You did a nice job portraying the feeling of the courtroom proceedings. Your wrap-ups on the blog helped flesh out the Tweets. Those of us with an interest in the case received a near real-time account, plus a measured evaluation of the whole process.

Thanks for your efforts!

Since I'm a former FCPS employee with family still involved with the system please sign me "anonymous." Unfortunately, those outside the system still don't have a clue - just like the jury.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your Twitter updates. Very timely, helpful and, importantly, unbiased.

Richard Day said...

Thanks for the comments...and the kind words.

FYI: My decision to leave FCPS preceded Stu's arrival and had more to do with me being hacked off at a couple of drive-by district administrators in a way that would not have occurred under Stu. I believe he would have supported what we were doing. In fact, he reversed what I had been complaining about within his first week as I recall.

It would have been better for me to $tay another two years, but truth is, I had been positioning myself for a new career in academia and after 31 years...maybe it was time. Having been a principal for 25 of those years, I was happy enough to off load the pressures.

Moving forward I'll look for ways to twitter usefully.