Tuesday, July 07, 2009

More Doubt About Cheeks

A reader alerted KSN&C to another resume for Dennis W. Cheek, this on on the Darwin doubters website.
The site seems to be a listing of outed "Darwin doubters" and says,

Due to the Comprehensive nature of this project and website, you can help by sending me information you may know of (updates), possible inaccurate information (corrections), letting me know of Darwin doubters that are perhaps not listed as well as any information about them.

I am responsible for the information contained herein. Also, because of potential problems for some (employment, obtaining degrees, confidentiality issues), some Darwin doubters will not be included in this project and will not be found on this website.

KSN&C has not yet received confirmation from Cheek himself.


Anonymous said...

Stand-out element: "Dr. Cheek has twenty-eight years of ministry experience as pastor, teacher, chaplain, itinerant evangelist in the United States and abroad."

Two simultaneous careers could be impressive--but not if one of them isn't mentioned in the course of seeking jobs in the other one.

Richard Day said...